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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log in to my Webnode account?

1. Click on the LOGIN button on Webnode homepage. 2.Log in using the email address you set up for your Webnode domain, such as [email protected] Do not use the login email address you use to edit the page to sign in to the email - these are two separate accounts. 3. On the My Projects page, click EMAIL ACCOUNT in the upper right-hand corner.

What is Webnode e-mail client (webmail)?

The Webnode e-mail client (webmail) is responsive, that means that you can login to your mailbox using a mobile phone or tablet. You can also log in to webmail directly from the main Webnode portal. The total mailbox capacity is 1 GB and mailbox capacity is counted into the whole storage of the web.

How do I add Webnode webmail to Gmail?

Adding Webnode Webmail to Gmail 1 In the top right corner, open the Settings tab for Gmail: 2 Under the Accounts and Import tab, select Add an email account. 3 Fill in your Webnode email address and choose to import e -mails from the other account (POP3). 4 In the email account settings, fill in the following More ...

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