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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can build a website with Webnode?

Anyone can build a website with Webnode. You don’t need to hire programmers or designers or pay for hosting. Simply choose one of the stunning templates and customize it in minutes. We are constantly bettering our website builder and developing new functions to provide you with all the tools you need to create the perfect website.

How do I contact Webnode support?

If you can't find the answer in our FAQ, use our Contact Form or write us at [email protected] We're available 5 days a week and we do our best to resolve your inquiry within 24 hours. If you find any illegal content or a website breaking Webnode's Terms and Conditions or your local laws, please contact us at [email protected]

How do I open a store on Webnode?

Open a brand new store using one of our templates or add the store feature to your existing website on Webnode in just a few clicks. Offer your customers a smooth shopping experience and have a clear overview of all the orders in your store. A domain name is your internet address.

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