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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Webnode for your website?

All websites created with Webnode have SSL enabled and are using HTTPS for safe browsing. Our templates are made with the latest design trends in mind. All have a clear structure that helps your users navigate your website and find all necessary information. Our templates are prepared for different business types.

What are Webnode's templates?

Webnode’s templates include specific categories for restaurants, weddings, and more. Finding the perfect template is more important on Webnode than on other builders, because your customization options are pretty limited (unlike on Wix, where you get unlimited creative freedom, even on the free plan ).

How do I open a store on Webnode?

Open a brand new store using one of our templates or add the store feature to your existing website on Webnode in just a few clicks. Offer your customers a smooth shopping experience and have a clear overview of all the orders in your store. A domain name is your internet address.

What can I do with my Webnode mailbox?

You can set your Webnode mailbox with Outlook, Gmail or other email clients to send and receive emails the way you are used to. You can create up to 100 different accounts, each with 1GB of space. This way, you will be able to create accounts for different roles within your company. Your website will not show any flashy banners or videos.

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