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Frequently Asked Questions

What is webcrims NY?

Webcrims is a site that helps in finding information related to the cases currently being heard in the court. There are 3 ways through which any person can find information related to any case available on the webcrims ny.

How do I find a criminal record in Nassau County NY?

The New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services serves as the central repository for criminal history record information in the state. It compiles and maintains criminal records of convicted offenders in Nassau County and other parts of New York.

How often does webcrims update future appearance dates?

For the users, all future appearance dates are updated regularly. Webcrims contains information from criminal courts in several cities, including New York City, Suffolk, and Nassau Counties, the County Court in Erie County, the County Courts in the Ninth Judicial District, and the City Court of Buffalo.

How can I view my criminal case information on webcrims?

On webcrims, the user can view the information in two different ways. One option is to save the criminal case information in pdf format and view it with a pdf viewer after downloading it. It can also be utilized for future references, eliminating the need for the user to re-enter data each time the webcrims are opened.

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