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Frequently Asked Questions

How to access the Whm?

Option 1: Use Customer Portal to Launch WHM Log in to your Customer Portal. Click Hosting on the left-hand side. Locate your hosting package from the list. Click the WHM link underneath your hosting package. For the new VPS hosting, you may find a Manage link underneath the package. Click the Manage link. ...

What's the difference between cPanel and WHM?

WHM and cPanel can be considered in the following three level hierarchy: Full WHM - Complete administrative control over the server Reseller WHM - Restricted level of administrative control over the server cPanel - Client level of admin rights restricted to features to manage their individual account (s) as specified by the Server Administrator or Reseller

What is the meaning of WHM hosting?

WHM (WebHost Manager) provides administrative control over your dedicated server or VPS. It allows a hosting provider to manage a customer's account. WHM is also a reseller control panel.

What is a reseller account in WHM?

A Reseller account in WHM is an owner who creates and sells cPanel accounts to other users. When you become a Reseller, you purchase the system resources from Hostwinds. Once you own the resources, you distribute them among the cPanel accounts that you sell. You're given a limited version of WHM that allows to you properly manage the cPanel accounts you sell.

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