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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you trust the BBB in southern Arizona?

Do not trust any rating provided by the BBB in Southern Arizona. They are a complete scam. Ratings for businesses are determined only by whether the business is current on their dues. If you file a complaint and the business ignores it, the BBB will simply close it as unanswered and leave the Business' rating unchanged.

Is the Tucson branch of the BBB helping local merchants?

The Tucson branch of the BBB clearly misses the mark as far as being helpful and honest in dealing with local merchants. I have submitted complaints several times only to find the BBB unwilling or unable to engage. Example: when Precision Door left a garage door installation partially completed, BBB contacted them.

What are the BBB Torch Awards?

BBB serving Southern Arizona established the Torch Awards as an annual awards program to publicly recognize local companies that have practices in place that elevate their commitment to ethical business. The BBB Accreditation Seal shows your commitment to integrity, ethical business practices, and customer service.

Why choose BBB Accredited businesses?

BBB has very strict standards of trust that every Accredited Business must abide by. They do not pay for a rating and all businesses, accredited or not, are held at the same high levels of accountability. BBB is an unbiased resource working to create resolution for both consumer and business.

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