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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access historical records in South Africa?

Indexes to registrations of life events can help point you to accessing historical records through SA.GOV.AU or GenealogySA. Estates information record a person's property and beneficiaries at the time of their death, including probate and succession duties.

What is staterecords? is an aggregation site that collects government-generated records from public sources and provides fast, easy, and inexpensive access to those records. Because those records are subject to change by the original sources, we cannot guarantee the accuracy, reliability,...

How do I contact State Records Australia?

Email [email protected] Transfers of official records to State Records' custody and government agency access to the archive collection. State and Local Government agency retrievals from the archive collection.

Why do we keep records in South Australia?

Our records once documented interactions between your ancestors and the state. They are now useful to find when and where those ancestors lived, worked and died in South Australia. Our records are arranged according to the government agency which created them, and reflect the responsibilities assigned to them at the time.

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