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Frequently Asked Questions

How does RPG playground work?

The normal workflow of game maker tools is to start up the editor, adapt tilemaps, behaviours, etc, and then generate the game. Once the game is generated, you can test it. If you want to change something, you exit the game and go back to the editor. This kind of workflow can be cumbersome and time consuming. RPG Playground reverses this workflow.

How do you make your own RPG games?

You draw your own tiles, characters and objects, even with animations. and can import them as a resource into your game. Or you compose your own music and use that for the game Edit with external tools, import into RPG Playground library. You dive into the game engine source code and can program your own functionality just the way you want it.

What are the different types of maps in rpgrpg playground?

RPG Playground uses a tilemap as map, but you could imagine other maps such as a side-scroller maps or isometric tilemaps. The map partly defines how actors can move around, what their position is, etc. A map can contain static objects, and these are called scenery. Things such as trees, bridges, houses, etc. are all scenery.

Do you need programming skills to make an RPG game?

No programming or artistic skills required. It’s a freemium rpg maker. Games can be shared with the community. Text chat with the team on Discord. Email me at [email protected]

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