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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rochambeau?

A game similar to "sack tapping" played by characters on the animated TV show South Park. An album by Orange County punk band Farside. Ro Sham Bo (album), 1994 album by The Grays. In the musical Hamilton, Rochambeau is referenced in the songs Guns and Ships and Yorktown.

Who was Jean-Baptiste de Rochambeau?

Jean-Baptiste Donatien de Vimeur, comte de Rochambeau was a military officer who commanded the French expeditionary force sent in 1780 to assist in the United States’ rebellion against Great Britain.

Who was the future comte de Rochambeau?

The future comte de Rochambeau was born in Vendôme 1725. He began his military career at the age of fifteen when he entered the French army as a cornet of cavalry. During the War of Austrian Succession, he served as an aide-de-camp to a series of prominent generals who mentored him throughout the war.

Where is the statue of General Rochambeau?

In 1934, A. Kingsley Macomber donated a statue of General Rochambeau to the city of Newport, Rhode Island. The sculpture is a replica of a statue in Paris.[2] The French Navy gave his name to the ironclad frigate Rochambeau.

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