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Frequently Asked Questions

Who was Comte de Rochambeau?

He commanded all French forces at the Siege of Yorktown and retired after fifty years of service as a Maréchal de France. The future comte de Rochambeau was born in Vendôme 1725.

What happened to Rochambeau after the American Revolution?

After the American Revolution, Louis XVI appointed Rochambeau a Maréchal de France. That promotion proved problematic for Rochambeau when the monarchy fell during the French Revolution. Despite years of loyal service to the Republic, he was imprisoned and investigated by the revolutionaries.

What was Comte de Rochambeau role in the Battle of Yorktown?

Comte de Rochambeau. In August 1781, Rochambeau joined Washington for the journey to Yorktown. Rochambeau commanded the French forces while Washington commanded the combined American and French army. Rochambeau, a veteran of 14 sieges in Europe, provided valuable expertise in the conducting of the siege at Yorktown.

What was the significance of Rochambeau's march north from July 1782?

Rochambeau's march north from July 1782 provided Americans an opportunity to give thanks to their country's ally, for when the French infantry sailed out of Boston Harbor on Christmas Day 1782, King George III and Parliament had acknowledged the United States "to be free Sovereign and independent States."

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