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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ro?

At Ro, we put you in control of your health. Ro is the healthcare technology company building a patient-centric healthcare system. Ro’s vertically integrated primary care platform powers a personalized, end-to-end healthcare experience from diagnosis, to delivery of medication, to ongoing care.

Who is a ro patient?

The average age of a Ro patient is 46 and 40% of our patients are over the age of 50. Ro offers transparent pricing for affordable, cash-pay healthcare, no insurance required and more than 500 generic medications delivered for less than the typical co-pay. This helps millions of people who are un- or underinsured afford quality healthcare.

How to choose the right RO system for your business?

The RO system should be designed for continuous flow without traps, dead ends and pipe sections which may collect stagnant water. The chemical and microbial quality of water should be tested at predetermined intervals during a production cycle. In-line conductivity probes should be installed at key points for continuous monitoring of water quality.

How many stages are there in an RO system?

RO systems are made up of 3, 4, or 5 stages of filtration. Every reverse osmosis water system contains a sediment filter and a carbon filter in addition to the RO membrane.

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