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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Rhode Island's firearm laws?

The State Constitutional Provision states, "The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed," as written in Article 1, Section 22. Though at first glance, Rhode Island's firearm laws seem to coincide with some of the country's less stringent state policies.

Do I need a Rhode Island LTC to carry a gun?

You don’t need a Rhode Island LTC to carry, though if you are: At home, your place of business, or property you own; Licensed to carry in another state, as long as you are only transporting the firearm through the state and do not plan on remaining in Rhode Island; or

What are the laws for airsoft guns?

Airsoft gun laws vary South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore. Canada’s airsoft gun law prohibits the importation of any “replica” guns. The United States primarily on importation, distinction from a real firearm, and possession. neighbor’s to the north.

How should I store my firearms in Rhode Island?

Rhode Island requires you to: 1 Store your firearms in locked containers or somewhere that a reasonable person would believe is secured; 2 Lock your firearms with a locking device; or 3 Carry your firearms on you, or close enough to you that you can readily retrieve and use them.

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