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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Reverso to translate text?

* Instantly translate selected text when reading content on your browser, iBook or any other app, with no need to exit the app you are using. Click on the familiar "Share" option and select the Reverso option.

What languages can I translate with reversereverso?

Reverso Context | Translation in context - Arabic, German, Spanish, French, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Turkish, Chinese, English Translate and learn millions of words and expressions More features with our free app Voice translation, offline features, synonyms, conjugation, learning games

Why should I use Reverso?

Students, teachers, business professionals or others, whether beginners or advanced, use Reverso to learn new words or expressions, and eliminate the risk of being mistaken. It provides you instant translations of the selected text when reading content on your browser, on Safari or any other app.

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