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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the correct English grammar?

The basic correct grammar layout for a sentence in many languages is a person or object performing an action. The person or object is known as a subject in English, for example. The action word may come before or after the subject, depending on the language. English typically places the action word — or verb — after the subject.

How to learn English grammer well?

How to Learn English Grammar Learn Parts of Speech. Each English word can be categorized into one part of speech. ... Learn Verb Tenses. ... Sentences, Phrases, and Clauses. ... Conditionals, Reported speech, Passive voice, Quantifiers and Determiners. ... Basic Grammar Rules: English Sentence Structure. ... Learn to Write Numbers and Punctuation Marks. ...

What is the past tense of Checker?

A past tense checker is a tool that enables students and writers to find and fix issues with their past tense. Past tense, when used in a sentence denotes that the action was done sometime in the past .

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