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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use a realtor to find a rental?

The easiest way to find a real estate agent who also services renters is to check local rental listings online or in your community newspaper. Keep an eye out for listings posted by real estate firms rather than property management companies or individual landlords.

Who pays the rental realtor?

It's usually the landlord's job to pay the rental agent's fee, but that's not set in stone. In New York City, for example, tenants often pay the rental agent's commission. It's up to the landlord...

Can a realtor help you find an apartment?

While you can always find apartments for rent near you with a search on , some prefer to get an agent's help during their home search. An agent can point you in the right direction and save you the hassle of tracking down landlords and property managers from rental listings, especially in bigger cities.

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