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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some recent forum discussions on ratemyserver?

rAthena Welcome to RateMyServer.Net Recent Forum Discussions RO Graphic, Coding & Media» Today ROpocalypse - The Untitled Project General Discussion» Yesterday Ragnarok Online HARDCORE MODE (a REAL challenge for good RO players) General Discussion» Nov 30, 2021 Classic Monster Distribution per Map General Discussion» Nov 30, 2021

What items can you search in super high rate new servers?

Super High Rate New Servers List All Search Item Search Equipments - Weapons - Daggers - 1-handed Swords - 2-handed Swords - 1-handed Spears - 2-handed Spears - 1-handed Axes - 2-handed Axes - Maces - 1-handed Staffs - 2-handed Staffs - Bows - Knuckles - Musical Instruments - Whips - Books - Katars - Fuuma Shurikens - Guns » - Revolvers - Rifles

How long will RMS be up for?

.:Site News:. Christmas Time Again Time flies, feel like it was just yesterday when RMS had its 10th anniversary. Well, going into 2020 means RMS will be up for 15 years (and more years to come!). Guess what that means for RO? It will be the 20th anniversary of our beloved Ragnarok Online.

What are the best high rate Bible renewal sites?

Sprite Bible DreamerRO Renewal-ish High Rate Latest Rating:89 1 hour ago ArunafeltzRO High Rate Latest Rating:100 1 hour ago High Ragnarok Online High Rate Latest Rating:10

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