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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find Tusoteuthis in Ragnarok?

Huge amounts of Tusoteuthis can be found in Ragnarok in the western part of the ocean near the world border. In this area some shipwrecks can be found which were probably attacked by the Tusos, where you may also find Black Pearls.

How do you get Tusoteuthis in terraria?

Tusoteuthis is found only in very deep water, where it swims about at a slow pace. If it spots the player or a tamed creature, it will begin to move itself towards the player or said creature and attack it. Because of the unique body plan of cephalopods, a Tusoteuthis must turn itself around to strike with its tentacles.

Can the Tusoteuthis pick up other creatures?

Using the (PC), (PS), (Xbox One), the Tusoteuthis can pick up another creature with its tentacles. While holding a non-friendly target, the Tusoteuthis will constantly inflict Torpor until the target is unconscious. Note that the Tusoteuthis cannot hold an unconscious target.

Does Taming affinity reset when the Tusoteuthis takes damage?

Unlike other Passive Tames, Taming Affinity is not reset when the Tusoteuthis takes damage. The Tusoteuthis "Does Not Want To Be Tamed Right Now" unless it has a creature within its clutches. When possible, try to steer the Tusoteuthis away from terrain - it is currently possible for its grab to release creatures/players under the ground.

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