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Frequently Asked Questions

Who kills Thor at Ragnarok?

Thor will fight the Midgard Serpent and kill it, but he will die of the poisonous wounds left behind by the Midgard Serpent. Freyr will be killed by the fire giant named Surtr.

What happened to Thor after Ragnarok in the comics?

The most memorable version of the post-Ragnarok Asgard was told in writer J. Michael Straczynski's Thor run in the mid-2000s. After the destruction of Asgard , Thor and his people rebuilt their home as a city floating above Broxton, Oklahoma.

What is Ragnarok, meaning of Thor?

As with most of the backstory and terms related to Thor, Ragnarok's origins lie in Norse mythology. In Old Norse, the phrase means fate of the gods, with "ragna" meaning "gods" and "rok" meaning "fate." Ragnarok would come to mean the twilight of the gods or doom of the gods eventually.

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