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Frequently Asked Questions

What is unique to Ragnarok Online?

Unique to Ragnarok Online is the Cards system that allows players to bind cards with special stats to weapons and armor to further enhance their characters. Almost every monster in the game has a corresponding card with its own set of effects.

When did Ragnarok come out?

It was first released in South Korea on 2002 August 31 for Microsoft Windows and has since been released in many other locales around the world. It runs on an internally-developed engine known as AEGIS. The game has spawned an animated series, Ragnarok the Animation, and a sequel game, Ragnarök Online II .

What are the best classes to play in Ragnarök online?

Always on the lookout for profit, Merchants are the economic experts of Ragnarök Online. Merchants are also handy with items, being able to carry far more than other classes. The Alchemist is a class which optimizes various potion-related skills.

Are the porings going crazy for Ragnarok origin?

We are so excited for Ragnarok Origin, that the porings are going crazy! Here’s your chance to take one Hello everyone! As a heads up, we will be performing maintenance on our billing services tomorrow at 1:00 PM PDT – 3:00 PM PDT. During this time you may experience

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