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Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Ragnarok Online been around?

Ragnarok Online, the legendary MMORPG that has been going strong for over 10 years. Created and developed for the first time in South Korea on November 1, 2001 and developed by Gravity Corporation. After 9 months of testing, it was officially opened for the first time in late 2002.

What are the features of rageragnarok Online EU?

Ragnarok Online EU features beautiful graphics and music, with gameplay taking place in a 3D environment with 2D character sprites. Major changes in the features and history of the world take place as episodes in the RO timeline, and you can experience them yourself.

What's new in Ragnarok Online Prime?

The Prime version of Ragnarok Online brings updated mechanics, class skills and an improved interface. The third classes and most locations already available. Later on, the new content including features still under development will be added: the Doram Race and fourth classes, unexplored cities and dungeons, and much more.

Which is the best Ragnarok server to play?

South Korea servers Opened by Gravity Corporation, is the original Ragnarok server and is the most content-rich server to date. With constant optimization recently, the ceiling has been expanded, and the max level is up to 200!!! 2. JRO (Japan Ragnarok Online)

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