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Frequently Asked Questions

Does opera Support Group Policy Management?

Chrome & Firefox both support group policy management. The lack of this feature is the only thing that stops me from making Opera the default browser in my workplace. (I'm the IT Manager) without group policy management, no company roll out. Chrome uses the chromium engine as well.

Where does opera credit a reporter for Responsible disclosure?

Where the reporter has practiced responsible disclosure, we will credit them in the advisory. In addition to dealing with incoming reports, Opera’s security group proactively looks for potential security issues.

Can opera ADMX support Windows Enterprise deployments?

Only users with topic management privileges can see it. Would love to see Opera admx support for Windows enterprise deployments. This would enable Opera to be deployed in an enterprise environment.

What are the system requirements to run Oracle Hospitality Opera property management?

To run Oracle Hospitality OPERA Property Management Version 5.5 and higher, your workstation must use one of these operating systems: • Windows 8 Professional Edition • Windows 10 Professional Edition 6 Installing the Java Runtime Client 2 Installing the Java Runtime Client 1.

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