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Frequently Asked Questions

Who really owns NDTV?

Who Really Owns NDTV? In 2009, a Mukesh Ambani group entity took control of NDTV under the guise of a loan agreement. The plan was to find a buyer in "three to five years". No buyer has been found so far and effectively, NDTV is controlled by the Ambanis

Who is the CEO of NDTV?

New Delhi, 4 July 2008 --- NDTV today announced the appointment of Mr Sameer Kapoor as CEO of its Hindi news channel, NDTV India. As CEO, NDTV India, Sameer will be responsible for driving the business of the chan nel apart from looking at revenues, distribution, general management and exploring new initiatives.

What is NDTV news?

Website. www .ndtv .com. New Delhi Television Ltd is an Indian news media company focusing on broadcast and digital news publication. The company is considered to be a legacy brand that pioneered independent news broadcasting in India, and is credited for launching the first 24x7 news channel and the first lifestyle channel in the country.

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