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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I login to Blackboard Connect using my ndus ID?

NOTE: If you had a direct login username and password that was used to log in at, it has been disabled. Click the ‘LOGIN’ button above to access Blackboard Connect using your NDUS Dotted Identifier.

How do I login to my NDSU account?

Enter your N.D. University System ID as your Username. Enter your password. Your Username is N.D.University System ID you previously set up in Part A: Claim you N.D. University System account. Most likely it is FirstName.Lastname. * If you are having trouble, please contact the NDSU Help Desk at (701) 231-8685, menu option 1.

What is blackboard manager and how do I use it?

NDSU Blackboard Manager is used by instructors to activate a course each semester. It can also be used to copy content from a past semester, merge multiple sections of a course into one course, and view last date of student activity.

What is navigate's partnership with NDSU?

NDSU’s growth and change during the past decade require innovative solutions for continued student success. NDSU’s partnership with Navigate will support and enhance existing efforts to improve retention, graduation rates and student achievement.

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