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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the drop rates for equipment from monster spawns?

Each piece of equipment the monster was spawned with is dropped with an 8.5% chance‌ [ Java Edition only] or 25% chance‌ [ Bedrock Edition only], except pumpkins, jack o'lanterns, and vex 's iron sword, which have a 0% chance. This value is determined by the mob's HandDropChances and ArmorDropChances tags.

What Mob drops the most XP orbs in Minecraft?

The Ender Dragon. The Ender Dragon is probably exactly what you were expecting at number 1. This mob drops a whopping 12,000 XP orbs. Since this is the last boss of the game you could expect it to be a lot, but this mob surpasses all other mobs in XP by a longshot.

How do I edit mob drops in Minecraft?

All mobs should be supported, and a future update will fix multiple mobs with the same class name conflicting. Editing mob drops is as simple as editing the config file of the mod, config\editmobdrops\editmobdrops.cfg (in 1.7.10 and 1.12.2), or config\editmobdrops\editmobdrops.toml (in 1.14+).

Does Minecraft drop op items?

Minecraft, But Hostile Mob Drops OP Items... Minecraft, but you can POOP! Minecraft But Piglin Bartering is OP!! Logs Drop OP items! Custom Bundles! Minecraft, but arrows SPAWN OP ITEMS!

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