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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get all monster drops?

All monster drops are typically acquired through the process of 'monster-hunting' where players will slay mobs for loot as they venture throughout the lands of the Frontier. In addition, some monster drops can be acquired through other means, such as:

What is the monster drops category?

The Monster Drops category is one of the four main categories of the Itempedia, the other categories consist of, Harvestables, Fishes, and Feathers .

What is the itempedia in Fantastic frontier?

The Itempedia, one of the main features of the game, Fantastic Frontier, is a concept where players can record information on certain collectibles that can be acquired in-game. To access the Itempedia, the players should press the 'I" key on their keyboards or they can click on the icon labeled with the letter 'I' at...

What is the Fantastic Tophat in Fantastic frontier?

When the players complete all four sections of the itempedia, Collectus will reward the player the Fantastic Tophat, a very large top hat that players can brag about to let others know that they accomplished one of the main aspects of Fantastic Frontier.

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