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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the diadem drop in Shadowlands?

The Diadem monster drops are as follows: When it comes time to blast monsters with the Aetheromatic Auger, you can either fire it at any nearby monster, or target a specific one for specific loot. If you’re aiming to stockpile or sell a certain material, you’ll want to know where to find the monster that’s known to drop it.

What is Diadem in Monster Hunter rise?

While Diadem is focused on gathering, the area is still filled with roaming monsters. This isn’t a form of direct combat, but still allows players to engage with enemies by instantly destroying them and obtaining new special drops.

What is the Diadem in Minecraft?

The Diadem is a large instanced zone made up of countless floating islands. There’s almost always one above and below you. Each island is teeming with not only very dangerous monsters than no gatherer can take on in mortal combat, but a veritable bounty of nodes to pull materials from.

What are the best items to make a diadem icetrap?

Diadem Icetrap: Artisanal Barbgrass, Gossamer Cotton Boll, Primordial Resin, Tortoise, Wheat Diadem Golem: Artisanal Cloudstone, Alumen, Finest Rock Salt, Gold Ore, Mineral Sand, Truespring Water Diadem Ice Golem: Artisanal Ice Stalagmite, Bluespirit Ore, Gold Ore, Mineral Sand, Truespring Water

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