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Frequently Asked Questions

How does laser mole removal work?

Laser mole removal works by essentially burning off the mole. This will result in a visible white scar as its replacement...effective but not scarless. The least scarring method for a true mole removal would be excision. This will result in the least amount of scar but there will be a scar especially on the thick skin of one's back.

Can moles be lasered off?

Mole Removal. Moles can be present in areas where they can become injured, or in areas where they simply don’t look good. Most moles are easily removed by shaving them off or by cutting them out and stitching the area closed, a procedure that is performed in the office with a bit of local anesthesia. Please keep in mind that moles cannot be lasered off.

What is a mole removal?

Mole removal is a simple kind of surgery. Normally your doctor will do it in his office, clinic, or a hospital outpatient center. He’ll likely choose one of two ways: Surgical excision. Your doctor will numb the area. He’ll use a scalpel or a sharp, circular blade to cut out the mole and some healthy skin around it. He’ll stitch the skin closed.

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