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Frequently Asked Questions

Does dermatend really work?

Dermatend is meant to work within a short period of time and not leave any scarring. Well scarring is kept to a minimum, unlike invasive surgeries. It also claims to work on all types of moles, warts or skin tags and can even be used on children.

How do you remove mole from skin?

Dermatologists use two safe and effective methods for removing moles. With surgical excision, the doctor numbs the area around the mole and then cuts out the whole mole. Then the doctor stitches or sutures the wound closed. With a surgical shave, the doctor numbs the area around the mole and uses a blade to shave off the mole.

What is facial mole removal?

All methods of mole removal will leave a scar. Facial moles with "fairly small bases" can be easily removed using a shave excision technique that typically results in a minimal scar. With this method, the mole is actually shaved off at a very superficial level just below the surface of the skin.

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