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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you have to hire mold removal service?

Microscopic mold spores can travel through your air conditioning system, and can be breathed in by you and your family. When this is the case, it is wise to hire a professional mold removal company to perform a task called "micro-cleaning."

How much does mold remediation service cost?

When it comes time to pay for remediation, you'll quickly learn that remediation services can cost anywhere from $500-$4,500. This cost takes into consideration the following: The size of the area with mold. The more mold you have in your home to take care of, the more you'll be paying for the service.

What do companies do mold removal?

Mold remediation companies are specialized in safely removing contaminated mold in until the home is once again safe to occupy. Mold remediation companies do not rebuild your home after the mold has been removed, but they may recommend or arrange for a company to help you with that.

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