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Frequently Asked Questions

How do students sign in to mobymax?

Students can sign in by using one of the following four methods. Have your students go to and then select their school. Have your students go to and enter in the school code. Have your students go to the unique school URL and then bookmark the page or put this link on your school webpage.

How do I get Started with mobymax?

Homeschool students love MobyMax and learn twice as fast! To get started after you create your teacher account, first register your children as students. Your children will sign in to do their school work with the username and password you assign. You will sign in as their teacher to monitor and assign their lessons.

How many teachers use mobymax?

Over 1.5 million teachers use MobyMax to help their struggling K-8 students close learning gaps and quickly catch up to grade level. Get the same set of award winning tools to homeschool or tutor your own children at an incredibly affordable price.

How can mobymax help students manage learning gaps?

Assign specific lessons or let MobyMax fill in skills gaps automagically. Adaptive placement tests, grade-level benchmarkers, and skills diagnostics check for understanding and clearly map student progress. Remediate learning gaps with our Differentiated Learning modules.

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