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Frequently Asked Questions

What is mobymax?

MobyMax is a FREE, complete curriculum for K-8 Math and ELA (reading, vocabulary, language, and writing) that includes progress monitoring, systematic review, IEP, and reporting on Common Core standards. MobyMax finds and fixes missing skills, resulting in an average of 1.5 grade levels of growth after just 40 hours of use.

How do I sign up for mobymax on iOS?

Enter the name “MobyMax” and click “Add. If you are using an iPhone with iOS7-iOS9, please follow these steps: Open Safari. Type in the URL address bar. Click the “Action Icon.” This is the box with the arrow icon pointing up at the bottom of the window.

Does Moby have an app?

Do you have an app? We do not currently have a Moby app available, but we do have a great alternative called the Web Clip which acts just like an app. To create a MobyMax Web Clip that you can click on your home screen, follow these steps:

What kind of curriculum does mobymax offer?

The company offers the only complete K-8 curriculum covering English language arts, math, science, and social studies. MobyMax identifies skill gaps with find-and-fix technology that targets instruction and helps students increase by one full grade level in just 40 hours.

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