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Frequently Asked Questions

What documents are needed for selling a mobile home?

If your mobile home is considered chattel or personal property, you might need to provide your seller with a notarized bill of sale. Both you and the buyer should sign the home's bill of sale when having it notarized. Lenders making purchase loans on mobile homes sometimes require a title and notarized bill of sale.

Are tiny houses considered mobile homes?

Tiny houses on wheels are considered an RV, yes, but I think that the ones that are set on a foundation are not be considered a mobile home because they are not mobile. Tiny houses that are brought in on a trailer and removed from the wheels and set on a foundation or a slab should be considered pre-fabricated.

Is there sales tax on mobile homes?

Mobile homes usually are exempt from sales and use taxes if the home is permanently affixed on real property and is subject to local property taxes. Sales taxes paid on a mobile home are tax-deductible on your federal income tax return.

How do you build a mobile home?

Construct the mobile home To construct the mobile home, make sure the trailer is level. Build the foundation frame. Attach metal flashing, insulation and vapor barrier. Put in the sub-floor, and frame the walls according to your plans. Raise the walls, then square and brace them. Anchor the framing to the trailer.

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