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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of light is used to light a microscope?

There are a wide variety of light sources available to illuminate microscopes, both for routine observation and for quantitative digital imaging. A most common light source, because of its low cost and long life, is the 30 to 100 watt tungsten-halogen lamp.

How do I choose the best microscope?

Better microscopes have a built-in illuminator, and the best microscopes have controls over light intensity and shape of the light beam. If your microscope requires an external light source, make sure that the light is aimed toward the middle of the condenser.

How do external light sources work on a microscope?

External light sources focus light onto a substage mirror that must be carefully adjusted to reflect light into the condenser at the proper angle to allow light entering the objective to be "centered" within the optical axis of the microscope. Discover how the field diaphragm controls the amount of light entering the microscope.

How does a bright field microscope work?

With a conventional bright field microscope, light from an incandescent source is aimed toward a lens beneath the stage called the condenser, through the specimen, through an objective lens, and to the eye through a second magnifying lens, the ocular or eyepiece.

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