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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best lighthouses to see in Tennessee?

The Lighthouse Road Trip In Tennessee That’s Dreamily Beautiful 1 Tennessee River Lighthouse 2 Cumberland River Lighthouse 3 Douglas Lake Lighthouse 4 Carthage (Faux) Lighthouse

Where can I find a lighthouse for sale in the US?

The best way to find lighthouses for sale is via a U.S. Government lighthouse “property disposal”. These happen sporadically. When one is going on, the General Services Administration lists available lighthouses on this web page.

Did you know there is a lighthouse walk in Kentucky?

Lighthouse Landing is a unique and scenic place in Kentucky that may be a bit unexpected, but is downright unforgettable. Take this lighthouse walk in Kentucky for the best views of the lake and gain a deeper appreciation for our state’s incredible beauty. Have you been to this lighthouse in Kentucky and taken in the views for yourself?

What are some of the best lighthouses in Florida?

Douglas Lake Lighthouse Located on Douglas Lake, this fun lighthouse is supposedly used for navigational purposes on the waterways and is operated by the Lighthouse Pointe Marina. 4.

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