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Frequently Asked Questions

How many lighthouses are in South Carolina?

The South Carolina coast is home to 11 lighthouses. Only two of them still function as lighthouses run by the US Coast Guard and many are not open to the public. They remain beautiful nonetheless, tall and graceful, dotted along (an in one case, right in the middle of) the pounding surf.

Where are lighthouses in Charleston SC?

Charleston Light, also known as "Sullivan's Island Lighthouse," is located on Sullivan's Island, South Carolina, which is the northern entrance to Charleston Harbor.

How many lighthouses are there in the US?

Lighthouses by State. Report has it that there are somewhere around 1,000 lighthouses or light stations throughout the the USA. Although lighthouses are not used or needed as much as they were in times past, they are becoming increasingly popular by the day by people of all ages, languages, countries and cultures.

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