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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the name of the lighthouse in NH?

Lighthouses: Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse (NH), White Island Light (NH), and Whaleback Lighthouse (ME)

Why visit the Portsmouth Harbor Light lighthouse?

The Portsmouth Harbor Light hosts several open houses in the summer and fall when visitors can climb to the lantern room and see magnificent views of the harbor. A visit to a lighthouse, oddly enough, is wonderfully in synch with a vacation with kids or a couple’s romantic getaway .

What can you do in Portsmouth NH?

The Friends of Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouses provide tours inside Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse during the summer months. The scenic oceanside park of Great Island Common, located on New Castle Island which you can drive to, offers a small beach, open spaces for recreation and picnicking, and views of Portsmouth Harbor and Whaleback lighthouses.

Who was the last keeper of the Portsmouth Harbor Light?

Elson Small served from 1946 to 1948 as the last full-time keeper of Portsmouth Harbor Light, which had been electrified in 1934. Elson and Connie Small had lived at four offshore lighthouses in Maine since 1920, including, most recently, sixteen years at St. Croix River Lighthouse.

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