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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any lighthouses in New York?

Lighthouses of New York. The Great Lakes have played a major part of New York State's development early on in history. New York State is bordered almost completely by water. On the Western end of the state, there is Lake Erie and Lake Ontario connected by the Niagara River.

Where is the Little Red Lighthouse in New York City?

New York City Landmark, place listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Little Red Lighthouse, officially Jeffrey's Hook Light, is a small lighthouse located in Fort Washington Park on the Hudson River in New York City, under the George Washington Bridge.

Where are lighthouses in the US?

The first lighthouse in America was the Boston Light, built in 1716 at Boston Harbor. Lighthouses were soon built along the marshy coast lines from Delaware to North Carolina, where navigation was difficult and treacherous.

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