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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any real lighthouses on the Nebraska River?

The Coast Guard maintains lights on the river, but as far as I know none of them qualify as lighthouses. The lighthouses on this page were built privately. Among lighthouse fans Nebraska is best known for two historic faux lighthouses, Lake Minatare and Linoma Beach.

Where is the old lighthouse in Omaha?

This lighthouse was first installed in downtown Omaha on the Lewis and Clark Riverwalk. Later removed from that location, it was stored for several years before being reinstalled as part of a reconstruction of Glenn Cunningham Park. Located at the marina, at the southeastern corner of the park, on the north side of Omaha.

What are the best lighthouses to see in the US?

14 Must-See Lighthouses Around the U.S. 1 Cape Flattery Lighthouse. You can catch a glimpse of the Cape Flattery Lighthouse—one of our National Treasures—from the end of an isolated trail at ... 2 New Dungeness Light Station. 3 Heceta Head Lighthouse. 4 Point Reyes Lighthouse. 5 Pigeon Point Lighthouse. More items

Where can I find information about lighthouses in North Carolina?

"The Lighthouse Directory". University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. a comprehensive international listing maintained by Russ Rowlett Interactive map of lighthouses all over the country. Lighthouses in the National Park System. Wisconsin Historical Society, antique photographs of Wisconsin lighthouses.

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