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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any lighthouses in Missouri?

As a landlocked state, Missouri isn’t exactly a hub for lighthouses. Yet there are a few places within our borders to experience these iconic pieces of nautical life. All of Missouri’s lighthouse structures are ornamental, but they still o„ffer up interesting history, a study in architecture, great views, or at the very least, a fun photo-op.

Where is the lighthouse in Branson MO?

This gorgeous lighthouse is connected to the clubhouse of Stormy Point Village in Branson. Overlooking Table Rock Lake, visitors to the resort have the opportunity to climb to the top of the lighthouse to take in the amazing view. Find the lighthouse at 36 Cape Cod Dr, Branson.

What are the best lighthouses to see in the US?

14 Must-See Lighthouses Around the U.S. 1 Cape Flattery Lighthouse. You can catch a glimpse of the Cape Flattery Lighthouse—one of our National Treasures—from the end of an isolated trail at ... 2 New Dungeness Light Station. 3 Heceta Head Lighthouse. 4 Point Reyes Lighthouse. 5 Pigeon Point Lighthouse. More items

What is the history of the lighthouse in St Louis?

The lighthouse visible from the Chain of Rocks Bridge in St. Louis is actually a historic water intake building. In the late 1800's until the mid-1900's, this intake brought water from the Mississippi River into processing centers for residential use.

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