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Frequently Asked Questions

How old are the lighthouses in Delaware?

This is a list of all lighthouses in the U.S. state of Delaware as identified by the United States Coast Guard. The first lighthouse in the state was erected in 1769 and the last in 1925 (ignoring automated towers erected later); the oldest active light is the Fenwick Island Light.

What are the best lighthouses to see in the US?

14 Must-See Lighthouses Around the U.S. 1 Cape Flattery Lighthouse. You can catch a glimpse of the Cape Flattery Lighthouse—one of our National Treasures—from the end of an isolated trail at ... 2 New Dungeness Light Station. 3 Heceta Head Lighthouse. 4 Point Reyes Lighthouse. 5 Pigeon Point Lighthouse. More items

Who is the lighthouse man?

First, the Lighthouse Man is the LEADING manufacturer of custom crafted lawn lighthouses and lighthouse accessories. In addition we are widely recognized for our high quality lighthouses and our close attention to detail.

What is the Rose Island Lighthouse?

Standing atop the National Natural Landmark Gay Head Cliffs, the lighthouse serves as a beacon to Wampanoag tribal heritage and is the only lighthouse with a history of Native American Lighthouse keepers. On an 18.5-acre island off the coast of Rhode Island, a mile into Narragansett Bay, there sits the Rose Island Lighthouse.

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