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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Le Chat-Botté?

This is the philosophy found at Le Chat-Botté, a city restaurant in exceptional surroundings, which for a time-limited period and based on inspiration as it comes, will offer exclusively fresh, local ingredients, it goes without saying prepared on site, for an incomparable fine-dining experience.

What is the name of the Booted Cat?

Lucky Costantino ). The story was published under the French title Le Maître Chat, ou le Chat Botté ('Master Cat, or the Booted Cat') by Barbin in Paris in January 1697 in a collection of tales called Histoires ou contes du temps passé.

Who is the chef at Le Chat-Botté?

Inspired by the greatest chefs, crowned with a Michelin star and an 18 out of 20 rating by Gault & Millau, at Le Chat-Botté Chef Dominique Gauthier found an establishment to match his talent. At the helm of Beau-Rivage Genève's fine-dining institution since 2001, he is above all driven by passion.

When was Le Maître Chat first published?

Le Maître Chat first was translated into English as "The Master Cat, or Puss in Boots" by Robert Samber in 1729 and published in London for J. Pote and R. Montagu with its original companion tales in Histories, or Tales of Past Times, By M. Perrault. The book was advertised in June 1729 as being "very entertaining and instructive for children".

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