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Frequently Asked Questions

What stores carry Kerastase products?

Soon, you'll be able to shop Kerastase hair care products at Sephora and Find out when the brand's popular hair products will make a debut at the beauty mega-store, here.

What is Kerastase Hair treatment?

Kerastase is a luxury treatment-based hair care brand that uses advanced technology to instantly transform your hair.

Where to buy Kerastase shampoo?

Kerastase products bring a professional diagnostic approach to treat each woman’s individual hair needs. Shop Kerastase products at Sephora and find hair products that are tailored to you.

Who sells Kerastase Hair products?

In case you haven’t read our post on “ Who’s Who in the Cosmetic Industry,” Kerastase is owned by cosmetic giant L’Oreal who markets a variety of brands at different prices. Like many large companies, L’Oreal spends a lot resources developing the best possible formulas and then use those formulas across different brands.

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