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Frequently Asked Questions

What is jobsjobdiva?

JobDiva is the complete package for a staffing and recruitment companies, which serve the requirement at each level including-Recruitment, on boarding, HR Documentation and Payroll. They have an online training available which we use for all new users.

Is jobdiva the recruitment software of the future?

Users agree JobDiva is the recruiting software of the future—from its first-class sourcing tools to its major advancements in consultant engagement, JobDiva is what you need to succeed in staffing. What Should I Look for in Recruitment Back Office Software?

What are the benefits of jobdiva?

. Business growth and ease-of-use rise. next level. for today's recruiter. you need to win more business. JobDiva has been designed by the staffing industry's leading business minds to drive growth.

What is jobdiva's holistic recruiting solution?

JobDiva provides solutions for every stage in the recruiting process, and for every team in a staffing organization, from back-office staff to recruiters. That's what we mean by holistic: a solution for every task.

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