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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an item-characteristic curve?

An Item-Characteristic Curve, p, = probability that a test taker with trait value θ passes item i. A steep ICC indicates that the item discriminates well, a shallow slope, that it discriminates poorly. Also, an ICC provides bi an index of item difficulty that increases, rather than decreases, with difficulty.

What is the information curve in IRT?

In IRT, measurement precision is often depicted by the information curves. These curves can be treated as a function of the latent factor conditional on the item parameters. They can be calculated for an individual item (item information curve) or for the whole test (test information curve).

How many items should be included in a test information curve?

The item information curves suggest that these three items, especiallyitem1, provide much less information than the other items. As a result, you might consider dropping these three items.Figure 11shows the test information curves for the original test that has 14 items and the shorter test that excludesitem1,item3, anditem6.

What is the characteristic curve of a regional item?

A regional item's characteristic curve is approximately bell-shaped if its maximum is at the middle of the interval scale, but characteristic curves at the ends of the scale are subject to floor and ceiling clipping, making them look like declivitous items.

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