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Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need HR?

You need an HR function, and you need people in it who are out with the employees listening and building community. Your HR folks spread pixie dust around, and they tell you when your pixie dust dispenser is getting low. They tell you the truth about what's working and not working in the organization. That's the real job of HR. We still need HR.

What does HR services provide?

Basic HR services provided by a professional employer organization provider include the basic responsibilities of an HR department, such as keeping employee files, producing and distributing employee handbooks, and ensuring proper compliance with employment labor laws.

What is HR call center?

For starters, an HR call center is a valuable HR resource that frees administrators to focus on more demanding tasks. As an HR data system, a call center can provide meaningful information such as the frequency of employee calls regarding specific HR topics and the number of calls needed to resolve cases.

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