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Frequently Asked Questions

What is electelectroplating?

Electroplating is an electrochemical process used to change the surface appearance of certain metals. The metal being electroplated is called the anode, while the piece the anode is being plated onto is called the work piece. Dip plating is a popular method for electroplating.

Can You electroplate at home?

These are designed with step by step instructions for those wanting to electroplate at home or on a small business scale. C opper – Nickel For the DIY enthusiast you can obtain a professional finishing on your restoration projects or items you fabricate. Steel, brass and copper items can be plated directly with nickel using the AED Kits.

Where can I buy brass plating solution?

Purchase brass plating solution from an online electroplating kit retailer or from your local arts and crafts store. Put on gloves and goggles to avoid incidental eye or skin contact. Pour the brass plating solution into the beaker.

What is included in the plating and cleaning kit?

Full details are supplied with each kit and these include plating and cleaning cycles, points to watch, problem solving and tank layout Non Conductive Surfaces Plate those leaves, gum nuts, beetles etc using a simple process before copper plating and finishing in copper, antique, nickel or gold finishes

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