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Frequently Asked Questions

What does high rate of return mean?

The rate of return on an investment is the amount of profit that the investment makes. High rates of return can be earned on these investments. While there are no fixed rates of return, the yields on these units broadly reflect the interest rates prevailing in the market.

What is considered a good rate of return?

Typically, a good rate of return must be a certain percentage over and above all the expenses incurred by the investment activity or the business operation. Here, the standards set within the business community will often help determine if the rate of return can truly be considered good or at least acceptable.

What is a good annual rate of return?

A good annual rate of return is one of the main critical decisions when it comes to making critical investment decisions. Based on one’s individual investment goals and aspirations, it is important to be aware of good or even above-average investment opportunities.

What is minimum acceptable rate of return?

In business and engineering, the minimum acceptable rate of return, often abbreviated MARR, or hurdle rate is the minimum rate of return on a project a manager or company is willing to accept before starting a project, given its risk and the opportunity cost of forgoing other projects.

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