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Frequently Asked Questions

What investment has the highest return?

Housing: Real estate is one of the investments with highest return, and it is perfect for those who are looking for investments with highest returns. The downside to investing in real estate is the volatility of the market in recent years.

What are the best short term investments?

The following are the Examples of Best Short Term Investments are generally preferred by investors. Money market securities or instruments: This type of security gives high yield return. It is available in all markets. Certificate of deposit: it is negotiable money market instrument. It is issued in demat form.

What are some examples of high risk investments?

There are numerous investments that are considered high risk, usually meaning that there are substantial chances that money invested may be lost. One example is penny stocks, which are cheap shares sold by little-known companies. Hedge funds are high-risk investments that are generally limited to wealthy investors.

What is the safest interest bearing investment?

Advantages of Savings Accounts as an investment: Savings accounts are the safest interest-bearing investment available. Due to the advent of electronic banking, money in savings accounts is readily accessible at any time of the day or night.

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