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Frequently Asked Questions

What are high-rate DAF technologies?

With the advent of high-rate DAF technologies, which can operate at SLRs of 12-20 gpm/ft2, DAF becomes highly competitive in capital cost and reduces site space requirements, especially at larger treatment plants. Currently, there are three major high-rate DAF technologies - AquaDAF®, Clari-DAF® and Enflo-DAF™.

What is dadaf and how does it work?

DAF is an alternative clarification process that uses micro air bubbles to attach and float flocculated particles and suspended solids to the water surface for removal (see Fig. 1). In contrast, sedimentation removes settled solids from the bottom. Figure 1. Generic DAF Process Flow Diagram

Is DAF suitable for high-density water?

However, DAF is not suited for raw water with high-density solids or turbidities higher than 100 NTU, as the pumped recycle percentage required is higher, making the process more energy intensive and less economical than competing technologies.

What is high-intensity DAF used for?

More recently, high-intensity DAF has been used to pretreat seawater to protect against algal blooms prior to its desalination for drinking or industrial water. In this application, surface loadings of 50 m/h are common as the algal cells have densities close to or lower than seawater.

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