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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose fusesport connect?

We help you manage and grow your organization. Our team will grow your sports community using our fusesport Connect platform that your team will love. Our customers are true partners of fusesport. Every organization, every member matters. Big and small. Global and local.

How do I set a password for my compmgmt account?

These steps work in every case as long as you're able to log in as an administrator. Press Win -r. In the "Open:" field, type compmgmt.msc, and then press Enter. Double-click the Users folder. On the right, in the list of local users, right-click the account name for the Administrator account, and select Set Password .

How do I set an administrator password?

To set an administrator password, you must be logged into the computer as an administrator. On this page: Set the administrator password Universal steps. Alternate methods If your computer is joined to Indiana University's Active Directory Windows 10 and 8.x. Windows 7. On a computer not in a domain Windows 10 and 8.x.

What do I do if I Forget my administrator password?

If you forget the administrator password If you forget the administrator password for your computer, you'll need to contact a local computer repair shop, where they'll have the tools to administratively reset your administrator password.

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